The Beatles: Off The Record - Vol.1

Off the record vol 1

Keith Badman
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Omnibus Press
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In 2001, The Beatles: Off The Record - Vol. 1 was released by Omnibus Press.

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The Beatles: Off The Record

A revealing portrait of The Beatles - much nearer the truth.

In the Sixties, before the legend was fully formed, The Beatles were sometimes unguarded and often indiscreet in their comments. Members of their entourage would express frank opinions that in later years they sometimes softened or denied altogether.

Now these original raw remarks have been unearthed and reassembled in a vivid new verbal documentary shot through with the authentic flavour of The Beatles in their heyday and the Sixties musical scene they dominated.

"Compared with some of The Beatles' later selective and polished or faulty and fading memories, this is much nearer the truth..." Hunter Davies, The Beatles official biographer.

"Messier than the authorised version but probably near the truth." Mojo.

"Intriguing snippets of information that will leave even hardcore Beatles fans flabbergasted... hundreds of facts and opinions that haven't been in print since they were first published." The Official Beatles Book Monthly.

"...Comments and opinions of all four Beatles made at often unguarded moments, not decades after the fact, but at the time the events occurred or soon thereafter... an engaging and informative read for fans and provides Beatles scholars with another reference source." Goldmine (USA).

Contains 32 pages of specially selected photographs.


  • Foreword by Hunter Davies, The Beatles official biographer.

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