George Harrison (born 1943, died 2001) was the lead guitarist for The Beatles and the unofficial leader of Traveling Wilburys.

Harrison's first solo album (Wonderwall Music), which was a soundtrack album, was released while The Beatles were still together, in 1968. His first studio album (All Things Must Pass) was released in 1970. Just more than a year later The Concert for Bangladesh was released, the album of the first-ever benefit concert. In 1976, Harrison's first compilation was released, The Best of George Harrison (although, it contained half-Beatles/half-solo songs). From 1986 to 2001, Harrison was working on-and-off on a new studio album, but died before it could see completion. Shortly after his death, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison finished up the tracks. In 2002, Brainwashed was released. A new Harrison compilation (Early Takes - Volume 1), containing unreleased demos is set to be released on 21 May.

The first Harrison EP (My Sweet Lord, containing tracks from All Things Must Pass) was released in 1971, in Mexico.

In 1971, Harrison's first single was released "My Sweet Lord", backed with "Isn't It a Pity" in the US, while the b-side was "What Is Life" in the UK. While Harrison was still alive his last single was "Cheer Down", released in 1989. Shortly after his death, the new version of MSL was released - "My Sweet Lord (2001)" in 2002. More than a year later, "Any Road" was released.



Atmp us lp

All Things Must Pass
27 November 1970

Litmw us lp

Living in the Material World
30 May 1972

Dh us lp

Dark Horse
9 December 1974

Etrabi uk lp

Extra Texture (Read All About It)
9 September 1975

Tta13 uk lp

Thirty Three & 1/ॐ
19 November 1976

Gh uk lp

George Harrison
23 February 1979

Sie uk lp

Somewhere in England
5 June 1981

Gt uk lp

Gone Troppo
5 November 1982

Cn uk lp

Cloud Nine
2 November 1987

Brainwashed europe lp

18 November 2002


Bogh us lp

The Best of George Harrison
8 November 1976

Dark horse 1976 1989 ger lp

Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989
23 October 1989

Dark horse 1976 1992

The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992
23 February 2004

Lirsbgh europe cd

Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison
16 June 2009

Etv1 us lp

Early Takes - Volume 1
1 May 2012


Cfb us lp

The Concert for Bangladesh
20 December 1971

Lij ger lp

Live in Japan
13 July 1992


Wm uk lp

Wonderwall Music
1 November 1968

Es us lp

Electronic Sound
2 May 1969


Msl ep

My Sweet Lord

Wil ep

What Is Life

Songs by gh 1

Songs by George Harrison 1
15 February 1988

Songs by gh 2

Songs by George Harrison 2


Msl us

My Sweet Lord
15 January 1971

Wil us

What Is Life
15 February 1971

Bd uk

Bangla Desh
30 July 1971

Gmlgmpoe us

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
7 May 1973

Dh s us

Dark Horse
18 November 1974

Dddd uk

Ding Dong, Ding Dong
6 December 1974

You uk

12 September 1975

Tgckfc us

This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying)
8 December 1975

This song us

This Song
15 November 1976

Cp us

Crackerbox Palace
24 January 1977

Tl uk

True Love
18 February 1977

Iwyv uk

It's What You Value
31 May 1977

Ba us

Blow Away
14 February 1979

Lcte uk

Love Comes to Everyone
20 April 1979

Faster uk pic

30 July 1979

Atya us

All Those Years Ago
11 May 1981

Teardrops uk

31 July 1981

Wuml uk

Wake Up My Love
8 November 1982

Irly us

I Really Love You
9 February 1983

Da japan

Dream Away
February 1983

Idwtdi brazil

I Don't Want to Do It
23 April 1985

Gmmsoy uk

Got My Mind Set on You
12 October 1987

Wwwf uk

When We Was Fab
25 January 1988

Til uk

This Is Love
13 June 1988

Cd us

Cheer Down
24 August 1989

Msl 2002 uk

My Sweet Lord
14 January 2002

Anyroad uk

Any Road
12 May 2003

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